Help fulfill Molly’s birthday wish with a gift to Cornerstone Montessori. Over 66% of children could not attend without financial support.

If there is only one thing that we know about Molly O’Shaughnessy, it is that she is passionate and dedicated to offering the very best for children through education. Her life’s work has touched thousands of children, first as a teacher, then as a trainer of teachers, and now combining the two through the Montessori Training Center of Minnesota and our school for children, Cornerstone Montessori.

And as you may also know, Molly turns 60 (yes, hard to believe!) June 13. We are honoring her life’s work by fulfilling her birthday wish.

Molly has made it clear that she does not want anything for herself. In fact, what she really wants is to see the Cornerstone Montessori School children’s scholarship fund grow, ensuring the school is able to continue to serve low-income children and families.

Please don’t forget to post your birthday greetings.

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