Help us build communities where individuals and families prosper.

For 45 years Model Cities has been helping individuals and families rebuild their lives. At the core of Model Cities work and mission is to strengthen and revitalize communities.

Approximately 1,300 people are served each year by Model Cities programs and services. Most of the families receiving social services, mental health, and crisis intervention services are from low-income or poverty-level households supported by income maintenance programs.

Many of Model Cities’ service participants have experienced trauma and have had a lack of support from family prior to becoming participants.

Karen was referred to Model Cities Sankofa program by Home Free, a battered women’s shelter a few years ago. Karen and her child were homeless for over a year prior to entering Model Cities’ long-term housing program. With no high school diploma, no job and struggling with depression, Karen was losing hope in life. Since after coming to the Sankofa program Karen has been given the support system that she needed to achieve the goals that she aspired.

Karen now has her EMT Certificate and has enrolled in school to study to be a paramedic in hope of having a career in the medical field. Despite the loss of losing her mother and her best friend Karen continues to remain strong. She has held a part time job for the past year and continues to work hard on moving up with her employment. With the stability of Model Cities' program Karen is now making plans to move out to mainstream housing and wants to continue to be successful in all aspects of her life.

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