Our mission is simple. “To improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities by providing a means for them to become more mobile."

Mobility for Independence was founded in 1990 as the Leo Grossman Fund. The founder, Leo Grossman, suffered from a rare genetic illness (Buerger’s Disease) that eventually required multiple amputations over numerous years leading to his immobility and confinement to a wheelchair. Unable to continue his previous vocation in teaching and coaching, Leo’s unbreakable spirit enabled him to continue providing goodwill and community service through motivational speaking. Not having any means of transportation, his friends and family organized a “Wheels for Leo” celebrity roast that raised the necessary money to purchase a specialty-equipped van. With the use of this van, Leo was able to travel throughout Minnesota providing inspiration to others in need. Touched by the generosity of his family and friends, Leo decided to dedicate the rest of his life to providing mobility to those in need by the creation of The Leo Grossman Fund. Leo was determined to ensure mobility to the disabled and it was fitting that he became determined to pass onto others the example of generosity that was bestowed upon him. He was insistent that the disabled be able to live independent lives and influence their communities in a positive way. During his life, he was proof that quality of life depends on what lays insides a person’s heart. Sadly, Leo passed away in 1992 but his dream continues on through the organization’s mission.

In 2000, the Fund’s name was changed to Mobility for Independence in order for others to more easily identify with the organization’s purpose.

Mobility for Independence helps provide the means to open doors for those who are anxiously looking forward to enjoying the freedom that mobility brings. There are hundreds of children and adults with disabilities in Minnesota who are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to gain their independence. For these individuals, a handicap accessible vehicle is their key to participating more fully in society.

Our organization tries to fulfill as many of these needs as possible and, although it is a challenging task, there is nothing more rewarding than accomplishing our goals and providing families with mobility.

Mobility is critical to an individual’s self-esteem and self-reliance. Those individuals that Mobility for Independence can benefit will go on to live a more fulfilling personal and professional life and have a crucial impact within their community.

The organization’s overall goal is to raise the necessary funds to help individuals in acquiring safe and reliable transportation and mobility thus improving their quality of life. Increased mobility helps children and adults with disabilities to pursue educational opportunities, obtain employment, gain access to medical facilities, attend social activities and enjoy a greater amount of personal freedom.

Since 1990, the organization has helped approximately 70 individuals become more independent by providing more than $700,000 in mobility grants.

For someone with a disability, you are the key to independence. Come help us open some doors!

You are the key to making Mobility for Independence and their fundraisers a huge success!

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