A statewide collaborative network of partner organizations, schools and communities advocating with and for youth.

As this young woman attests, the allure of gangs is just one reason why Minnesota’s students drop out of high school at the rate of one every six minutes.

The Alliance is working to change this dynamic and improve graduation rates for all students. This year alone, nearly 200 AmeriCorps Promise Fellows are serving across the state, working with young people at greatest risk of not completing high school. They, and the community volunteers they recruit, provide homework help, attendance support, service and leadership opportunities — research-based strategies proven to make a difference.

If we continue to reach 2,000 more students each year, it is within our reach to eradicate the achievement gap in Minnesota by 2020.

Your donation to the Minnesota Alliance With Youth supports the crucial work of these dedicated Promise Fellows, who are raising the prospects of success for young people.

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Over the past seven years, the Alliance has:

  • Two-thirds of youth participants showed improvement in their academics, and school attendance, as measured by school records including GPA, improvement of failing grades, and tracking a reduction in unexcused absences as a result of mentoring, tutoring and service learning programs.

  • Led a successful effort to make youth voice the law in Minnesota, engaging the Minnesota Youth Council in the policy work that led to this outcome.

  • Served more than 160,000 young people statewide.

  • Involved more than 20,000 adults as volunteers with youth.

  • Linked nearly 35,000 youth to service opportunities.

  • Mobilized nearly 55,000 volunteers who provided nearly 600,000 hours of service — a value of $12.4 million.

  • 94% of youth who served reported that “Because I was part of this program, I am more likely to help my community in the future.”

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