We are dedicated to improving the health of infants, children and young adults in Minnesota.

The mission of the Minnesota Academy of Pediatrics Foundation is to protect and improve the health of all Minnesota children and teens. By partnering with pediatricians, state officials, and national and community-based organizations, the Minnesota Academy of Pediatrics Foundation has developed many model programs that address key health or care delivery issues that have been shared internationally.

Current foundation projects include:

  • Promoting Bright Futures screening and education to clinics serving Somali patients with culturally appropriate outreach
  • Supporting the development of a foster care learning collaborative
  • Supporting training for child care providers to learn proper medication administration
  • Helping pediatricians improve patient communication through telemedicine and social media
  • Developing and pilot testing quality measures for children/teens with social and/or medical complexity with DHS and Seattle Children's
  • Supporting projects and educational events for medical students in pediatric interest groups and pediatric residents
  • Supporting collaborative projects among Minnesota pediatric clinics and hospitals

Learn more about our Foundation and ongoing projects at www.mnaap.org

Read about the Minnesota AAP's chapter and foundation accomplishments at http://www.mnaap.org/accomplishments.htm

Thank you for considering a tax-deductible donation to the Minnesota Academy of Pediatrics Foundation.

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