The mission of MJFPD is to engage in programs that raise funds, researches a cure, raises awareness, or improves the lives of those with PD.

A Note from Executive Director- Mike Justak

April is Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month. This month MJFPD unveils a program that helps underwrite a series of movement classes at the Struthers' Parkinson's Center. Our goal is help get people moving again. Classes are normally $8.00 per session. WIth A MJFPD Superpass you can get 10 classes for only $20. MJFPD underwrites the remianing balance.

Faces of Parkinson's is MJFPD's gift to the Parkinson's community created for awareness month.

This month we gear our giving program to help with this cause.

Help us get Parkies moving. Thank You!


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