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"Saving one horse at a time, Misfit Acres believes that horses are companion animals that deserve wonderful, full lives.

As a Non Profit Horse Rescue and Sanctuary, horses arriving at Misfit Acres will spend their remaining years in safety and happiness. Misfit Acres currently houses 10 horses of all different breeds, who will never know the terror of abuse, neglect, or live slaughter for human consumption. Each horse has his or her own story which brings them to Misfit Acres.

Each horse has his or her own story which brings them to Misfit Acres. Horses range in age from years old all the way to 39 years old. The horses also enjoy an array of visitors to the Sanctuary eager to learn more about each horse and interact with them. Misfit Acres is also home to one special-needs dog. Chopper is a 9 year old Dobie mix who has Wobblers Syndrome and cannot do stair steps. The rescue he was in could not find a home for him with this affliction. Since we already had the handicapped ramp in front of our home and our home has no interior steps, it was a perfect fit. Misfit Acres is also home to several barn cats - many of which were simply dropped off without our immediate knowledge. They too will live out their years in comfort.

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