Using the Power of History to Transform Lives

History informs, inspires, and defines us. The Minnesota Historical Society preserves and shares the stories of the past. However, our mission is as much about the future as the past. History has the power to transform lives, and the Society works everyday to deliver engaging and educational programs to learners of all ages.

Minnesota's history lives on when we become part of the story! All new donations of $35 or more, and any increase of $35 or more over a previous gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Please take a moment now to share your support.

The Society provides an important forum for dialogue between the past and present. As researchers access family or business records at the Gale Family Library or tourists explore a historic site like Split Rock Lighthouse, they are engaging directly with history. It is our mission to serve as an authentic storyteller for those seeking perspective from the past, encouraging them to connect with history and discover their own meaning.

The Society strives to allow people to make Minnesota's story into their story. When a child enters one of our sites on field trip, as more than 225,000 do each year, we give them an educational experience which creates lasting memories and allows them to see themselves as the next chapter in Minnesota's history. Through history education students are encouraged to see the world through another's eyes, connecting them not only to the past, but to each other through shared experiences.

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