Healthy and successful aging of older Minnesotans - MGS is a bridge between practice & research in the field of aging for this purpose!

Seeking to increase understanding of aging issues and to promote effective research, quality programs and specific solutions, MGS brings together various disciplines to work together for a good quality of life for older persons in Minnesota. MGS also provides scholarships to promote gerontology as a career. Annual conferences in April, webinars, Outstanding Gerontology awards, Gerontology Educators Network, networking opportunities, and resources via e-bulletins and website are provided to members and interested persons in field of gerontology. One resource developed by MGS is a co-production with Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) on safe driving and community mobility: "Love of Car: Transportation as We Age" - which is also available on DVD with discussion guides. Visit for more information and to access resources in field of gerontology.

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