What new farmer wouldn't love to drive a tractor! Where can you learn this skill? With your donation, we will teach farmers to drive safely.

Farmers want to learn to use tractors. YOU CAN HELP!

Each year for the past 9 years farmers have asked us to teach them how to use tractors. We have been preparing to do this. We have been training in greenhouse management,and irrigation,and production and soil health. We have focused on business planning and record keeping, organic certification and skill sessions in the field. Now we have developed a training for safe use of tractors.

Tractor Training is a critical component of operating your own self sufficient farm. Successful vegetable farmers need to do successive plantings of crops, making beds every week or two. If a farmer has to hire that work out consistently, they get behind in their farming. Tractor use can help a lot.

Here is our plan: In the 2014 season we will train 5 farmers to become proficient a the operation of this tractor, they will put in 10 hours each using the mower and another 10 hours using the tiller as well as time using a spreader and a seed drill. They will get experience and feedback and individual coaching on the handling of a tractor.

To implement this we need to repair our Massey Ferguson, by putting in a new starter, giving it a tune up and some other electrical work. We need to purchase a tiller and a mower sized for this tractor.

It is the time to take the next step toward self sufficiency, learning to use a tractor safely. We need your help!


We need some additional equipment for the farmers, some rototillers, wheel hoes and weed whackers. We need your help to make sure that the farmers-in-training have the tools for success. You can help make this happen by making a donation today.

Vince Xiong, a graduate of our training program and now a staff member has this to say about tractor training.

" Farmers need to learn the power and capabilities of tractors. Tillers can’t go deep enough to plant multiple successions of vegetables like carrots, which need a really deep till. If we expect farmers to learn to really farm organically, we need to teach them to use cover crop and without a tractor cover crop is not very practical.

"I want to prepare farmers in my community to be independent and own their land, stop renting and take excellent care of the soil and be able to grow excellent crops for all of our health. Using tractors, without having to hire someone to do this, will lead to greater success of Hmong farmers in Minnesota. Expanding this training will make a huge difference to farmers"

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