MFFN aims to be the one-stop resource for Minnesotans to learn about involving fathers in the lives of children, families and communities.

For professionals committed to promoting healthy fatherhood, MFFN is the state’s premier center for training, research dissemination, and policy leadership. MFFN seeks to encourage a positive environment where men and women of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, from urban, suburban and rural areas and from across the political spectrum, can learn about and promote positive father involvement in families. MFFN provides a professional base for training and mutual support. We believe that fathers – in addition to mothers – have an important role in the healthy development of children. MFFN seeks to increase the number and quality of father-friendly programs and policies without diminishing any of the important resources available for women and children. Within the field of father work, MFFN is the sole organization in Minnesota dedicated exclusively to working at the systems level to positively change policies and programs for the benefit of father-child relationships.

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