Contributions will keep this vital data resource free and accessible to everyone who wants to improve quality of life in Minnesota.

“Whenever people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government”
– Thomas Jefferson

What goes into a good decision?

Would you buy a car without researching safety ratings, reviews, and reliability?

Would you enter a child in a school program without investigating the program's goals, staff, and reputation?

Would you make decisions about issues in our state without finding out where the problems are, and what progress has already been made?

Good information leads to better decisions. This simple truth is the basis for Minnesota Compass' mission: "Measure progress. Inspire action." Through our website,, and our other activities, we spread the word about the facts behind issues affecting quality of life for Minnesotans.

The information you need

Minnesota Compass is a social indicators project that identifies trends, tracks progress, and provides analysis, with the goal of preserving and improving quality of life in communities all across our state. This central hub of sound, credible, nonpartisan data gives the information needed to make good decisions, craft policy, and benchmark effectiveness. Our primary method of inspiring change is the website Data points, trends, issue snapshots, regional data, and discussion by local experts is all at your fingertips.

Keep this free resource accessible to all

  • A user friendly, easy-to-navigate, one-stop shop: See data, analysis, evidence-based strategies, referrals to additional sources, and ideas to take action.
  • An array of information in 15 topic areas that affect your life: Aging, Economy, Education, Health, Public Safety, and more.
  • Special sections such as Neighborhood Profiles and STEM bring the information that you need to you in a useful, shareable format.
  • Information presented by topic and location: Breakdowns for the state, region, counties and selected cities.
  • Extensive demographic information: Shows historic trends and describes who we are now and what Minnesota will look like in the future.
  • Spotlight on disparities: Gaps among groups by race, income and gender threaten our quality of life.
  • Extensive library of reports on dozens of topics, including Achievement Gap, Mental Health, and more.
  • Resources on who in your community is working on a given issue, as well as additional data resources vetted by our research team.
  • Information you cannot find anywhere else: Original data on immigrant groups, civic engagement, public safety, and more.

Donations support this work in important ways. It will:

  • Keep the most current, comprehensive, relevant, and user-friendly information on the web site and available to all.
  • Enable us to present data and analysis, implement studies, and create surveys to gather better information and disseminate it in a timely fashion.
  • Help provide technical support and information to groups working to improve communities across Minnesota.
  • Allow us to engage people across Minnesota who want to maintain and enhance our quality of life.

Contributions will keep this vital resource free and accessible to everyone working to improve quality of life in Minnesota. Your gift to Minnesota Compass will enable access to life-changing information. Poverty, achievement gap, workforce needs: we can measure these issues and provide a baseline for action.

Find out where we have been and make good decisions about where we need to go. Our goal is to "Measure Progress. Inspire Action." You can help.

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