Protecting life itself

MCCL exists to foster and protect the most basic and fundamental human right — life itself.

MCCL Education Fund — Pro-life educational efforts includes programs and events for young people and adults

MCCL Website

MCCL News — Our bi-monthly newsletter. A leading and trusted source of pro-life news

MCCL Resource Center — Book, audio and DVD library, presentations for schools, churches and civic groups, exhibit materials and fetal development model displays

MCCL Brochures and Fact Sheets include:

Safe Place for Newborns

Pregnant? Need help? Minnesota pregnancy care centers

What science tells us about the unborn

Unborn babies can feel pain

End-of-life issues: Protecting the vulnerable and elderly

Stem cell research and human cloning

RU486 abortion drug and 'webcam abortion’ — what you need to know

Doe v Gomez: Minnesota's extreme abortion policy

Pro-life laws save lives

Abortion: The leading cause of death in Minnesota

Minnesota and U.S. abortion statistics

How abortion hurts women (new)

MCCL Student Commons — Volunteer and internship opportunities

Extensive Media Outreach — Help MCCL keep life issues in the news


MCCL GO! (Global Outreach) — Educating citizens, officials in the developing world. Accredited by the U.N.

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MCCL receives no government funding. We rely on your generosity and the ongoing dedication of many to accomplish MCCL's livesaving work. Thank you!

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