Great art is made at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. So are great artists.

With over 6,600 square feet of world-class papermaking, bookbinding, and printing studios, MCBA is a haven for the unabashedly bookish.

Every square foot of these working studios is well-loved and well-used. But when a printing press is down, or supplies are low, art-making grinds to a halt.

This affects everyone who likes to get their hands dirty in the MCBA studios:

1) MCBA's artist community, who create new work through the support of a thriving artist cooperative, residencies, fellowship and mentorship opportunities, Open Studios, and studio rentals;

2) Individuals of all backgrounds and abilities who engage in MCBA's extensive book arts workshops;

3) The 23,000 school-aged youth who dive into all things book arts, from paper marbling and printmaking, to building handbound books that house their own stories and poems.

Here's the challenge:

These studios require continual care. Repairs and maintenance of our antique and rare equipment are increasingly costly, eating into our budget when we sometimes least expect it. And, to be honest, not everyone feels as excited as we do about donating to "maintenance."

The solution:

For us, "maintenance" translates into essential services for our artist community. Investing our dollars in a studio maintenance fund ensures that these important work spaces remain available to our growing community of artists, from the newly smitten to master artisans.

You can keep MCBA's creative engine going.

Whether it's a gift of $10 or $1,000, your gift keeps our studios accessible, exceptional, and working around the clock. Most importantly, your gift makes a tangible, immediate impact on artists and their ability to generate new work.

Make a donation!

You'll receive a one-of-a-kind commemorative print produced by our very own artists at MCBA.

Thank you for supporting the unabashedly bookish!


About MCBA Founded in 1985, MCBA is the largest and most comprehensive book arts center in the nation. MCBA celebrates the book as a vibrant contemporary art form that takes many shapes — from the traditional crafts of papermaking, letterpress printing and bookbinding to experimental printmaking, zines and other self-publishing techniques.

Visit us! Our gallery is free and open to the public year-round, and our retail store, The Shop, is a comprehensive destination for all things bookish, from letterpress cards to artist books. Check out our class offerings on and sign up for a workshop!

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