Your financial contribution to the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership supports the coordinated revitalization of the Minneapolis Riverfront.

Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership is a 501c3 nonprofit and a state chartered organization that facilitates and supports coordinated revitalization of the Mississippi Riverfront in the City of Minneapolis, with an emphasis on issues related to the Upper Riverfront. Their work includes data driven research, coordinating and communicating with public and private partners, and committing leadership and resources to riverfront revitalization.

New investments are made by risk takers who are informed by facts. In 2013 MRP launched The Riverfront Vitality Project, a data driven initiative that presents a comprehensive view of the state of the Mississippi Riverfront in the City of Minneapolis. One of our core beliefs is that what gets measured gets done. By making relevant data readily and easily accessible, the Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership is driving riverfront revitalization forward.

Our work fills a critical gap in revitalization efforts. The Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership is building strong partnerships that are so important to riverfront revitalization – our recent Annual Riverfront Summit was supported by 20 sponsors and 6 partners that shared their riverfront work. Over 350 people attended our Riverfront Festival, showcasing the newest park location along the Upper River.

Now is the time. Individuals like you are critical for this work to continue. Now is the time for you to help us provide rock-solid data that helps law makers, developers, neighborhood organizations and other advocates invest in the backbone of our city, the Mississippi River. Our city and region needs your financial contribution to highlight opportunities for riverfront revitalization in the City of Minneapolis. Your contribution can support a lasting legacy for future generations.

Processing fees for online donations cost Minneapolis Riverfront Partnership approximately 5% of your donation. Maximize your impact by sending your donation via the mail.

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