Our mission is to transform men's lives through the application of Biblical Principles and Practices following prison or treatment programs

“I started with my addiction when I was 13. By the age of
16, I was selling drugs and drinking. My
drug use was daily and my drinking turned into blackouts. At 18, I discovered METH and for the next 18
years, I lived and breathed for it.”

“18 years of drugs and alcohol abuse, two trips to drug court, a DWI, where I hit a Police Car…Iwas a career criminal.”

“At 35, I had enough and placed myself in God’s hands. Midwest Challenge/Life Rebuilders has
been pivotal in my growth towards Christianity
and Sobriety! I have 16 months of
sobriety and a deep connection with Jesus.
Life Rebuilders has helped restore me to being a productive member of
society” - Spencer
Note from Life Rebuilders:
Spencer is a House Leader in the Redemption Program
and is an active volunteer in the community. He offers support and
encouragement to the new residents who enter into the program. We are blessed that he is a part of our

Midwest Challenge has helped thousands of men who struggle with life-controlling issues of crime and drug and alcohol addiction. Our programs include: Genesis House, a residential program for 24 men, ages 18 and older, who are completeing their prison sentence through the statewide Minnesota Department of Corrections Work Release Program. 77% of those who graduate from the work release program at Midwest stay sober and out of prison. Redemption House is a residential program for 30+ men, 18 and older, who are re-integrating into society after prison, chemical dependency treatment and/or homelessness. 75% of those who complete our half way house program stay sober. Life Rebuilders (3 Houses) is long term residential housing facility designed for graduates of Midwest Challenge and other Men ready for the next step, who have the desire to remain involved in a mentoring capacity. Our goal at Midwest Challenge is to break the cycle of addiction, unemployment, and homelessness and prepare them for success in their family life, and in becoming a productive citizen within the community. With our staff and many volunteers we are able to provide the men with services such as mentoring, life coaching, bible study, service work, spiritual leadership and networking/job assistance. Please join us in helping these men and their families transform their lives.

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