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Legal Aid makes a difference in the community because we change lives — helping people find their path out of poverty, helping people get the access to justice that we all want, and ensuring people have an opportunity to live independently and have an opportunity to contribute to making our society of better place to live.

At Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, we provide professional legal help to Minnesotans who traditionally lack access to the American justice system and cannot afford a private attorney.

One Story

Myrna, a 77 year old woman, was told by the IRS that she owed $2,000 on her federal taxes. “When the IRS says you owe them money, you pay it,” she says. “I wallered in chemicals at the factory for over 30 years, living paycheck to paycheck. I scrimped on every trip to the store until I had some savings. That’s what I used to pay the IRS.” But then the state of Minnesota also audited, asking for $1,000. Myrna was referred to Legal Aid.

Staff attorney Sarah Bronson had only a couple of days before the IRS deadline to investigate. She found a bank error in the transfer of Myrna’s IRA. She quickly filed documents with the IRS. The IRS returned the entire $2,000 and Minnesota dropped their audit, giving Myrna the financial stability she needed to maintain her independence.

“I couldn’t pay that $1,000 to the state and I thought, they’re going to harass me for the rest of my life, says Myrna. “Sarah worked so hard on my case, and her work made me whole again.”

Mid-Minnesota Lega Aid's Minneapolis Office serves poor and vulnerable people in Hennepin county. To learn more about our programs and the people we serve, go to


  • Keeps families safe
  • Preserves their shelter
  • Enables seniors and people with disabilities to remain independent.

Please join us to meet these urgent needs.

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