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Legal Aid's Minnesota Disability Law Center (MDLC) makes a difference in the community because we change lives — helping people get the access to justice that we all want, and ensuring people have an opportunity to live independently and have an opportunity to contribute to making our society of better place to live.

At Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, we specialize in providing professional legal help to Minnesotans who traditionally lack access to the American justice system and cannot afford the services of a private attorney.

One Story

A woman with mental illness and a brain injury contacted MDLC for help. She had applied to the state vocational rehabilitation agency to provide services and funding that would enable her to start her own small beauty salon business out of her home. The client previously had worked for over 12 years as a beautician and was an ideal candidate to open her own salon, but had run into numerous obstacles working with the state agency. By the time she contacted MDLC for help, the stress of the situation was causing her mental health to deteriorate.

MDLC immediately convened meetings with the client and the state agency, and successfully submitted a request for the agency to raise the amount it typically will provide for small business start-up. With those funds and related services from the agency, the client is now on track to open her salon before the end of the year. The client thanked MDLC staff in an email: “I hope for you someday when you are in dire need for someone to understand how you’re hurting that you find or know someone to help you as much as you have me… My words to say thank you can't express enough to you, cause there are no words.”

Our Services

The Minnesota Disability Law Center ( MDLC) serves as the protection and advocacy system in Minnesota for people with disabilities, and as such addresses the unique legal needs of children and adults with disabilities.

The Minnesota Disability Law Center:

  • Serves people of all ages and people with all types of disabilities
  • Provides free civil legal assistance to people with disabilities
  • Does not use income guidelines to determine eligibility for service

For more information on the Minnesota Disability Law Center and the people they serve, please go to

Your Gift

  • Protects people with disabilities from abuse
  • Enables people with disabilities to receive the services they need to live and work in the community
  • Helps break down barrier for people with disabilities

Please join us to meet these urgent needs.

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