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Make a gift to change a life.

Legal Aid makes a difference in the community because we change lives — helping people find their path out of poverty, helping people get the access to justice that we all want, and ensuring people have an opportunity to live independently and have an opportunity to contribute to making our society of better place to live.

At Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid, we specialize in providing professional legal help to Minnesotans who traditionally lack access to the American justice system and cannot afford the services of a private attorney.

These groups generally include: people with low incomes, seniors and people with disabilities.

Thanks to You – a tenant enforced her rights without going to court

A woman called Legal Aid because, in addition to several ongoing repair issues, the heat and plumbing in her apartment were not working. An attorney advised her of the necessary steps to take and agreed to represent her if the landlord did not respond. The woman immediately called and told the landlord she would file an emergency tenant remedies action if the heat was not working within 24 hours. She also delivered a letter to the landlord listing all of the other repair problems. The landlord quickly fixed the heat, plumbing, and non-emergency repair issues.

Thanks to You – a young mother and her children are safe

A woman was pregnant with twins and home on bed rest when Immigrations Customs Enforcement came to arrest her. Her abusive husband, a U.S. citizen, would not pay her tuition, so she was in violation of her student visa. Legal Aid helped get an Order for Protection and a continuance on the removal proceedings, and helped her file for legal status offered for victims of crime. The attorney saw her through divorce, custody and child support proceedings. She has now graduated from college and is seeking professional work. Her legal residential status provides stability for her and her children.

Thanks to You – a woman maintains her independence

A woman was turned down by the county for Personal Care Attendant (PCA) services that she needed to remain independent in her home. The Legal Aid attorney worked to have her re-evaluated, and she was found eligible for services. She is now receiving five hours of service a day. About her attorney she writes: "He is the most caring and competent attorney in Minnesota…the kindest person I have met in four states."

Today, there are more people than ever who need free civil legal services to secure the most basic necessities of life. In 2012, Legal Aid provided legal advice and representation to 10,115 families and individuals. However, more than 20,000 eligible people who called us for help were turned away.

Our Services

Mid Minnesota Legal Aid, provides comprehensive free legal help for people with low incomes and seniors in our 20-county service area and people with disabilities statewide. We have offices in Minneapolis, St. Cloud and Willmar.


  • Keep families safe
  • Preserve their shelter
  • Enable seniors and people with disabilities to remain independent.

Please join us to meet these urgent needs.

To learn more about Legal Aid and the people we serve, please go to www.mylegalaid.org

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