A high quality tribute in a non sexist, non racially biased manner. The Iron Range is under served in public art. It is a masterpiece.

Shoulder to Shoulder bronze 25' x 16' bronze memorial for those who served

In 1998, a small group of volunteer senior citizens banded with one goal "Honoring Those Who Served" . In 1999, they became a non profit and have tirelessly worked to create and construct Phase I: a public handicapped accessible park with St. Cloud granite monuments (5 major conflicts of the last century), a main monument (insignias of all branches), landscaping, flag poles, lighting and a large cement platform to receive Phase II. Phase I has been completed and is debt free. Phase II is also nearing completion. It is a 9 ton 25' x 16' "Shoulder to Shoulder Even The Fallen Stand Tall" bronze designed and executed by renowned artist, Gareth Andrews (http://oxbowart.com/ProgressWarMonument.aspx). The Crucible Foundry, Norman, Oklahoma (http://www.thecruciblellc.com) cast the 160 pieces and has preassembled it. They state it is a masterpiece worthy of national recognition. The New Mexico National Guard has volunteered to transport it to Virginia, Mn. on May 17, 2010. On May 29, a public dedication will take place with a reception following.

The Iron Range has had a disproportionate amount of human service and loss. In addition, the area has provided ore for steel production including 1940-43 when 250 million tons were turned into surgical instruments, ships, airplanes, arms, ammunition etc. The area is under served in public art and the project reflects ownership by over 20 communities that sent letters of support. Daycares, schools, legions, nursing homes, clubs, service groups etc. have all participated.Project is valued at near 1 million and IRVM has its first shortfall in 10 1/2 years of paying all bills on time and in full.

We are raising the last $100,000. Many paver sales, grants, and fundraisers have been held but the earlier completion date also requires funding completion. The Amerian eagle (common man) surrounding 8 life sized women, men, African American, Native American, Hispanic, Asian, Caucasian, all branches and five conflicts lean together honoring the fallen. It is a tribute of the finest for the keeping of America and will always be free for viewing as "Art is for Everyone". Shown in many parades, fairs, Duluth Depot, Chisholm Iron World, Mn. Governor's reception area, it is now in the Minneapolis Airport, Lindbergh Terminal, Concourse C. Please show your support for a public art piece full of heart and pride for everyone! It symbolizes Art imitates life and Life imitates Art through the support shown. The project represents grass roots success at its very finest!

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    The entire IRVM project is valued at approximately one million dollars. We have a shortfall of $ 40,000. Completion date is summer 2011.
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