MCRS' Emergency Fund assists with large unexpected expenses, most commonly confiscations of rabbits from cruelty/abuse situations.

Over the years, MCRS has helped with several large cruelty cases. The most recent was a group of over 140 rabbits seized in May of 2008. MCRS provided the shelter housing the rabbits with extra hay and pellets to feed this large group; extra cages to keep the litters safely contained and detailed assessments of each rabbit's physical condition. While most of these rabbits ended up being returned to the owner, MCRS took half of those left behind into our foster program.

Whenever rabbits arrive in large numbers, they overwhelm the available shelters resources, so MCRS tries hard to provide those extra resources whether they are for bunny supplies or volunteer helpers. Most rabbits from cruelty cases will have some form of medical need - from malnutrition to serious conditions requiring extensive veterinary attention. These situations develop fast and require fast action. There isn't time once a situation arises to focus on fundraising to meet the needs so we aim to have a well-stocked emergency fund ready to go at all times. Help MCRS be ready to help the next group of rabbits that needs us!

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