I started working on bikes about a year ago when people gave me their bikes to repair at home- in the living room and the porch, and the basement, and the garage. After a while I heard about another place to repair bikes so I rode over there. That is how I discovered Sibley Bike Depot.

At Sibley Bike Depot they provide tools and space for people to work on their bike(s).It is a non profit organization. People donate bikes and parts which are stored at Sibley fixed up later and put up for sale. Sibley bike depot has about 300 bikes and about 50 to 60 available for sale or donation. Bikes are sold for less than they would cost at most other bike shops. Prices for bikes at Sibley range from about $20 up to $300. Clearly all of the tools and space cost money. I feel like Sibley Bike Depot is a great cause and I have had many positive experiences there.

I have spent a whole lot of time at Sibley this summer. I've been there 5 or 6 days a week. I have worked on their bikes, my bike, and my friends bikes. I have been able to get needed parts. I have some friends there. I get to talk to a lot of people and meet others interested in bikes and bike repair. I have volunteered a lot and may later be able to get a job at Sibley Bike Depot. I have nearly completed the Earn a Bike Program. I had to have 20 volunteer hours before I could start finding a frame. I needed to work on a kids bike, an adult bike, and take classes. I have continued to volunteer and find the rest of the parts for my bike. This has been a great opportunity because it gave me the chance to build a bike and decide on everything I put on it. When the first brakes I put on messed up my suspension I had to try something different.

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