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Building a resilient food system to revitalize rural communities.

“P”. and “C”., originally from Puebla, Mexico, work multiple jobs to make ends meet. They graduated from a Main Street Project agripreneur training class and with the help of their 16 year-old son, just completed raising two flocks of chickens on our farm incubator site. They see a brighter future for themselves in raising healthy birds, naturally.

Main Street Project’s mission is to increase access to resources, share knowledge and build power in order to create a socially, economically and ecologically resilient food system.

We envision a food system that revitalizes our communities – revitalizes Main Street – now and in the future, by:

1) Creating economic opportunities for low-income immigrants and rural communities – not just agribusiness.

2) Producing safe, affordable, and naturally nutritious foods, free from antibiotics and chemicals.

3) Using energy and natural resources more efficiently to lower production costs, reduce environmental impacts and adapt to climate change realities.

We’ve built a prototype of a more resilient food and agriculture system in Southeastern Minnesota – one that breaks down barriers to equal participation. Now we’re collaborating with regional and national partners to build system knowledge, readiness and expansion potential.

You can help build the food system that turns the hopes of farmers like P. and C. into reality. Can you support the work of Main Street Project with a donation today?

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