I'm proud to be a part of equality in Minnesota - and beyond - by giving to Project 515.

I’m guessing all of you know by now that I’ve been actively involved in equaling the playing field for same-sex couples in Minnesota (and beyond). For the past 2+ years, I’ve been on the board of Project 515 – a Minnesota-based non-profit that works to ensure all same-sex couples and their families have the same opportunities as everyone else.

When I first joined Project 515, we were fighting for basic rights such as in end-of-life situations between same-sex couples. Today, the fight is vastly different. This November, Minnesotans will have the option to prohibit gay marriage by enshrining it into the constitution via a ballot initiative – something I’m working hard to prevent.

Though I’ve been involved in other ways – testifying at the Capitol, joining Freedom to Marry’s Young Conservative Leadership Committee – I realized I haven’t been walking the walk in terms of raising money for this issue I care so much about, and I’d like to change that.

I’ve set a goal of $1,000 to raise by this September 19 – Project 515’s annual fundraiser (if you’re able to attend, please join us!). This year, attendees at the fundraiser will be asked to match “Leadership Givers” of $1,000 or more. This means that our pot could be matched for a total of $2,000 or more on September 19!

Thank you for considering!

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