Madame of the Arts is a LGBTQA community arts center in South Minneapolis serving as a multi-disciplinary, open-format creative hub.


It's been three years! Yowser! And the Madame community is stronger than ever. But she needs a boost!

Madame needs your help to keep her space and equipment working at their best for our community's needs. In early 2013 we were awarded a grant to help support events and activities, but we still have costs that we could never get a grant to cover and are essential for us to continue to support this work.

Here are some reasons why Madame is unique in the Twin Cities arts & culture ecosystem and deserves your support:

  1. We are a queer and feminist space, and open to exploring what that means.
  2. We use participatory art, skill-sharing, and all kinds of creativity to build community.
  3. We've made training the next generation of Madame organizers a priority--mentorship and radical inclusion make us stronger.
  4. Our very first community survey showed that more than a quarter of us are trans*/genderqueer, and 1/3rd are low-income.
  5. We received the highest score in our grant panel review, and were awarded our first grant in 2013.

Here are some things we heard in our first community survey:

"I am grateful just knowing that this space and intention exists in our community, and I know that everybody (EVERY. BODY.) benefits from its existence, whether they choose to participate or not"

"I really love Madame and I support it whenever I can. Thank you so much for creating this amazing, safe, magical space."

"Madame is a great space for things you can't find elsewhere in Minneapolis."

A gift of any amount is appreciated, and is tax-deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsor 20% Theatre Company!


Founded in south Minneapolis in 2010, Madame of the Arts (Madame) is a grassroots Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, and Ally (LGBTQA) community arts center. We serve as a multi-disciplinary creative hub for LGBTQA people to engage with each other and form new communities. To date, Madame has served as an open-format expressive space for visual art exhibitions, creative workshops and skillshares, music shows, drag performances, food events, film screenings, and more.

Our mission is to promote art as a medium for inspiring community-based and self-empowering explorations of feminist and queer politics for LGBTQA people in the Twin Cities region.

Madame offers a variety of programs serving different parts of the LGBTQA community in the Twin Cities. Some of our recurring programs include the Pegasus performance series, Queeraoke, Crafty Club, Films of Dorothy movie nights, and Sparkle Surely Drag Werkshops. Madame has hosted several exhibitions, showcasing the visual artwork of our community members. We use the space for a variety of special events including fundraisers, festivals, and traveling artist shows.

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