Redefining yourself as a servant leader in the name of Christ

Over 14,000 people, young and old, worship in Luther Crest Bible Camp Association Congregations. ■ They are hungering for the love of Jesus to be proclaimed and lived in their life. ■ They are seeking to obey God’s Word. ■ They are desiring a centered prayer life. ■ They are ready to embrace the love that is shared with one another through Christ.

Our Association’s common mission is spreading the Gospel through the programs and people of Luther Crest. We can accomplish this by engaging and encouraging the parents and youth of our congregations to participate in the activities at Luther Crest.

When we do this: Congregations flourish and HOPE is restored in people’s lives! Parents are supported in their raising of their children. Church staff are supported in their Lutheran teachings of faith.

Youth are given an experience that matters and they are mentored in their beliefs by faith-filled, Christ-centered staff.

That is…Luther Crest. Be a part of it…church, family, business, organization, individual…Be a part of Luther Crest!

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