Make a Splash! Support Litchfield's Legacy Water Park.

Legacy Water Park will... Promote community wellness with exercise opportunities and swimming lessons...provide a safe place for children to play...offer a fun and friendly gathering place for teeens, families, play groups, and an intergenerational facility with recreation for all ages...offer summer employment opportunities for adults and beautifully designed to host competitive swim events and play activities...attract guest form surrounding communities as well as potential new residents. Legacy Water Park design includes... six swimming lanes...diving well with one and three meter boards...rock climbing wall with plunge area...two different giant twisting entry wading pool...colorful funbrellas and tents for shady relaxation...refreshing concessions...ample changing rooms and bathrooms Fundraising... Prior to this online donation page we have collected funds towards our goal. This page is limited to only display the online donations collected after July 1st, 2010 .

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