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Life House helps homeless kids access basic needs (food, shelter, clothing) and achieve success in housing, jobs, school, and health.

Since 1991, Life House goals are to help kids at risk become healthy, positive adults. Our mission: “to provide a safe harbor for enhancing the lives of youth at risk.” Our emergency services are located in the LIFELINE Building, two blocks from the public transit center, downtown Duluth, Minnesota.

Today, Life House is the only drop-in center for homeless kids in Northeastern Minnesota.

At Life House, around 35-50 teens each day walk through our doors, some escaping histories of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. What makes them all the same is they need a helping hand - a door of opportunity to a world here they can be safe, healthy, and have a real future.

Life House utilizes a diverse approach to empower youth so they can overcome obstacles to life goals. Our staff and the greater community work together to utilize a strengths-based framework, grounded in understanding and responsiveness to our kids’ trauma.

Life House staff greets each youth, addressing basic needs and guiding youth toward life goals. Along their journey, each youth has the ability to take an “exit” into housing, jobs, school and health services – all in one location.

Life House believes the safe, drug and alcohol-free space created in our Youth Center enables youth to reach out, and begin the healing process. Equipped with the tools of self-knowledge and support, our kids are more likely to overcome barriers and achieve success. Simply put….

Homeless doesn’t have to mean Hopeless.

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