Your support helps bring exciting initiatives to our community & beyond. We focus on sustainable energy, waste reduction & energy efficiency

Linden Hills Power & Light (LHP&L), is a neighborhood-based organization aiming to shrink our local carbon footprint through education, community engagement and action.

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We try and bring new and innovative programs, or best practices from established programs, to our neighborhood, city and surrounding organizations. Some achievements include:

  • LINDEN HILLS COMPOST PILOT: LHP&L spearheaded the Linden Hills compost pilot in conjunction with the City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County - over 50% of eligible homes (over 1,260 households!) in Linden Hills are now composting their organic material, diverting on average 5 tons a week!
  • REUSE RODEO: LHP&L celebrated the second ever ReUse Rodeo in 2013 helping homeowners declutter and get useful items in the hands of people who could use them. Over 16,000 pounds of material found new homes and were kept out of landfills or the incinerator.
  • ONE STOP ENERGY SERVICES: LHP&L partners with CEE to promote One Stop Community Energy Services. Over 232 households have participated to date with 1/3 going on to either get insulation work completed or a new heating system, reducing carbon emission by over 175,000 lbs.
  • SCHOOLS: LHP&L supported Minneapolis Public Schools in introducing organics recycling to 21 schools. All our neighborhood schools, including Southwest High, Lake Harriet Upper & Lower, and Carondelet Upper & Lower are composting.
  • NEW LEGISLATION PASSED: LHP&L worked with State Representative Frank Hornstein and Senator Scott Dibble to change legislative language and move the composting of source separated organics material up the waste hierarchy.
  • TRANSIT GRANT – LHP&L encouraged residents to take the bus. 661 riders took the bus for a total of 3,762 rides during the first 2 months of the grant period. In the following five months 5,883 riders took 9,645 rides. Metro Transit used the model developed with LHP&L as the template for all their subsequent neighborhood initiatives. They even won a state wide prize for the direct ail piece we created together.
  • ECO BLEND AWARD: in 2013 we awarded the second ECoBLEND Award - designed to reward and encourage green initiatives in home building and remodeling.
  • ZERO WASTE EVENTS: LHP&L works with various organizations such as neighborhoods, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, YWCA, Team Ortho and the Uptown Art Fair to reduce waste at their events.
  • WORKING WITH OTHER NEIGHBORHOODS: Worked with Morningside Neighborhood Group to encourage their compost pilot, provided assistance to the East Calhoun neighborhood to start their curbside collection.
  • SCHOOL WASTE SORT: Sorted 6000 lbs of school waste to determine percentages of recyclables and compost in school waste.
  • CFL DISTRIBUTION: Distributed 1800 free CFLs to the neighborhood to educate residents on how easy it is to take small steps that have big impact on climate change.

Just a few ideas on our drawing board :

  • Community Shredding Event - get all the old tax returns and other paperwork out of the attic and shredded and recycled.
  • Recycled Fabric Bag co-op - Volunteers sew reusable fabric bags to replace plastic and paper bags. Bags are distributed free of charge to local merchants.
  • Continue and Expand the Green Cart, Curbside Composting Program
  • Winter Coat Exchange - instead of buying new coats for your kids - come to the Noble Warming Event -and swap your outgrown sizes for new sizes.
  • Leverage Hennepin County's Apartment Recycling efforts.

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    Your support helps bring exciting initiatives to our community & beyond. We focus on sustainable energy, waste reduction & energy efficiency
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