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We need your support. It takes both people and cash resources to provide free tax returns and financial services to the less fortunate. We have to support many locations where we serve clients. Advertising, technology and computer expenses are just some of the costs we incur to provide services to generate thousands of free tax returns & financial counseling services.

I appreciate any help you can give and feel free to ask me questions or visit the AAM website.

Each one of our customers has a unique story and as a volunteer we directly interact and often get to know their background. Veronica’s is just one of many, but so many have similar characteristics -- of a challenging life and a struggle to makes ends meet:

Veronica knows how important tax time is for her family each year and how AccountAbility Minnesota can help. Veronica is a single mom with three kids and relies on AccountAbility Minnesota volunteers to file her taxes free of charge and receive the tax credits she is due by law.

By filing a tax return, low-income families can access a variety of tax credits that can boost their income as much as 30%-40%. Most client’s earn less than $20,000 a year. The refund allows them to pay off long over due bills in many cases.

"I am very grateful for the volunteers who do all this work for nothing. This refund allows me to pay off some past due bills and hopefully save for my kids. I work at a fast food place when I can, but with 3 kids and my disability, I am unable to do much more. I really want to get my kids to have a better education and life. I hope to put something aside for when they hopefully make their way to college."

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