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At 43, Ginnie was like an abandoned child—alone and without the skills to manage her needs for existence. She had lived all her life with her parents, but her father died many years ago and her mother two years ago. Ginnie is partially deaf, unable to speak and never studied past grade school. Her parents were overprotective—they did not provide opportunities for Ginnie to learn to care for herself and to navigate the world outside of her home and parents. Mom, Dad and Ginnie had even developed their own unique way to communicate, but people in the outside world could unfortunately not understand it.

A cousin contacted JFS and asked us to provide care management assistance for Ginnie. Anna, our care manager, completed an overall assessment that identified Ginnie’s physical, emotional, financial and social/spiritual needs. She enlisted a home care agency to provide daily companionship and homemaking services, including preparing meals for her. Anna also connected her with a rehabilitation center to evaluate her cognitive and hearing abilities. Ginnie soon received hearing aids, which have opened for her a whole new world of audible sound. She also received an electronic communication device so she is now able to interact with others when out in the community. Over the past two years working with her, Anna has been gratified and excited to see how Ginnie, in her 40s, is blossoming and learning to actively engage the world around her.

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