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Jewish Community Action is working to make the Jewish community a powerful voice for social change.

What does it mean to engage in social justice, within a Jewish context? At Jewish Community Action, we think that it means addressing the root causes of economic and social injustice, seeking long-term solutions to local problems, supporting the leadership of those most affected by the issues, and developing strong alliances across the lines of religion, color, ethnicity, and country of origin.

In 2013, with the involvement and financial contributions of our members, we worked to make Minnesota more just in real, immediate ways. Through phone banking, door knocking, lobbying, rallying, and more, JCA played a key role in passing several pieces of landmark legislation: the freedom to marry, the Minnesota DREAM Act, the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights, and most recently, the Minneapolis Responsible Banking Ordinance. In our other campaigns—for Driver’s License for All, the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act, and gun violence prevention—we made tremendous progress and are well-positioned for success in 2014.

But in order to make the coming year even greater than 2013, we need you—our supporters—to recommit to this work.

Now, more than ever, we need a strong, organized Jewish voice for justice, and Jewish Community Action is committed to being that voice. Please help us make our voice louder and stronger by making a financial contribution today!

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