Help us free people imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.

The Minnesota Innocence Project represents people who were wrongfully convicted for crimes they did not commit, educates attorneys and criminal justice professionals on best practices, and works to reform the procedures that produce such unjust results.

The Innocence Network, using DNA testing, has worked to free 310 innocent people, after serving an average of 13.6 years in prison for crimes they did not commit. Added together, they spent over 4,100 years behind bars. Imagine spending the past thirteen years of your life in prison. Then imagine the effect it would have on those who care about you.

In addition to DNA exonerations, hundreds of other innocent people have been freed through lengthy re-investigation of their cases. The Minnesota Innocence Project will act in any Minnesota case where clear evidence of innocence is present. We also work to change procedures. We have taught countless lawyers forensic science both as part of continuing legal education and through clinics and law school classes. We continue to work with police and prosecutors to change the procedures that lead to the conviction of innocent men and women.

Finally, we regularly reach out to community groups, to further the public understanding of innocence related issues.

Wrongful convictions make our streets less safe. Any time an innocent person is convicted, a guilty person walks free to commit additional crimes. By investigating the truth of specific cases and correcting the causes of wrongful conviction, we are helping make the process more accurate and alerting prosecutors to cases where they have not yet identified the true perpetrator.

Please give to the Minnesota Innocence Project and help ensure that an innocent individual will no longer serve time in prison for a crime someone else committed.

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