Help us maintain a stable workplace for Kristie Armbruster, and other employees with disabilities here at MDI.

Meet Kristie Armbruster. In August of 1988 she lost her job. She was given 2 weeks to find another job or she would be evicted from the home she was living in.

She knew being a person with a disability it would be difficult to find another job. The next day she came to MDI and applied. Shortly thereafter she was hired. Kristie has now been at MDI for nearly 23 years.

When asked what she loves about working at MDI, she says that it gives her a safe, positive environment. She loves being treated like a real person. She also appreciates all the different types of tasks she gets to do on a daily basis.

Kristie doesn’t have a college degree, or specialized training for anything else. Finding another job would be terribly difficult for her. Kristie does have tremendous skills though, and they are used every day here at MDI.

Folks, times are hard...for everyone, MDI included. We understand this. Consequently, for the first time in MDI’s history we are launching an aggressive fundraiser in an effort to raise $25,000 to help us maintain a stable workplace for Kristie, as well as 143 other employees just like her here at MDI. We are reaching out to YOU, our network of supporters, for your donation.

On November 16th, 2011 hosts their annual Give To The Max Day as a platform for Non-Profits like us to raise money for our cause. We employ people with disabilities, and we’ve been doing it since 1964.

On November 16th please make your donation here!

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