From food & medicine to caring staff, the cost of sheltering homeless animals adds up. We think they’re worth every penny, don’t you?

Your donations to the Humane Society of Goodhue County (HSGC) save lives! These donations save lives directly by providing necessary medications or veterinary care and indirectly by keeping our shelter open and providing a safe, healthy space for animals to stay. With the vast majority of our income coming in from individuals like you, our donors are life savers! They keep our electricity on, our supply cabinets stocked, and our animals cared-for. We couldn’t operate without you!

The animals that come in with a sad, dramatic, headline-grabbing back story get a lot of attention... a dog found floating in the river, clinging to a branch... a long-haired cat so severely matted that she couldn't move... a puppy abused by her owner suffering from untreated broken bones. ALL of the animals in our care have a history though, even if it's not as dramatic as being abandoned inside a kennel on the side of the road. We can't change their pasts but we can help make their present and their future brighter. That's the part we like to focus on.

Each animal that leaves our shelter and goes on to find a new loving family is a success and donors like YOU help make them possible! Thank you for your help in turning sad stories into success stories! Your donations truly save lives.

Since 1983, we have been caring for the lost, stray, and otherwise homeless animals from our area which includes the city of Red Wing, rural Goodhue County, Prairie Island, Lake City, River Falls (WI), and several townships in Pierce County. Each year, over 700 animals pass through our shelter - some who are only with us for a short time until being reuinited with their owners, others stayed with us for much longer until finding a new family. Regardless of how long they are with us, we do our best to make sure they receive the care they deserve in until we can find them a loving home.

The majority of our funding comes from individual contributions from people like you!

Donations vary from a few coins dropped in our donation canisters to extremely generous bequests left to us by those who have passed on. We greatly appreciate EVERY donation we receive!

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