Fundraiser to support Navigation Social Skills programming and Kinship Mentoring through the HOWA Family Center.

The HOWA Family Center provides many services, but this fundraiser champions two programs I feel strongly about. First, the Navigation Social Skills program teaches social skills to students with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. After direct teaching of skills, students have the opportunity to practice the skills in the community setting. This is especially important to me as I have witnessed how this programming has helped my own children gain a higher level of social competence.

Secondly, the Kinship Mentoring program provides 1:1 mentoring for k-12 students who need a role model to invest time and energy in positive interactions. As a teacher, I have witnessed the impact this program makes on students who struggle through situations that many people never have to imagine. As a kinship mentor, I have experienced the growth of young people who spend time with my family participating in many activities. My family has been enriched by incorporating these students into our activities.

Please consider donating. The cost is $250/team, but any amount will be a little closer to a team. I currently have one team, but have many students who would be willing to participate if the funds are available.

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Thanks for your consideration!


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