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Financially supporting HousingLink helps homeless kids, survivors of domestic violence, and homeless veterans. Buy Happiness!

Money Can Buy Happiness...

If you think money can't buy happiness, you aren't spending it right. Giving to a worthy cause WILL increase your happiness and the happiness of those the cause helps. Financial support of HousingLink buys happiness for the following Minnesotans:

Homeless Kids
Nearly half of the homeless in Minnesota are kids. At the shelter, when these kids and their parents look for a home, stability, and path out of poverty, where does their housing search begin? HousingLink. Donate and BUY HAPPINESS for homeless kids!

Survivors of Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is a rising problem in Minnesota. Many survivors flee to shelters and begin the rebuilding process. HousingLink visits shelters to provide training that eases the transition back into safe, stable housing. Donate and BUY HAPPINESS for survivors of domestic violence!

Homeless Veterans
It is no secret that veterans make up a disproportionate share of homeless Minnesotans. With soldiers continuing to return from war zones, ongoing financial support is needed. When veterans struggle to adjust back into the community, HousingLink is the place they go to find a home and stability.

Buy Happiness
When you make a donation to HousingLink, it buys happiness for you, homeless kids, survivors of domestic violence, and homeless veterans.

For just $20, you buy happiness for one family. Thank you for being there for people when they need it most!

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