Securing the Jewish Future... One Student at a Time..

"Give to the MAX day" on Nov. 15 is a special 24 hour period hosted by to help non-profits across Minnesota raise maximum dollars for their organizations.

We at Hillel UMN are calling on YOU for your continued passion and support in the form of a monetary donation on this date only.

At Hillel at the University of Minnesota we are dedicated to helping Jewish students create a positive sense of Jewish identity on their own terms.

  • When I came here, I didn’t know anyone, and because of Hillel and the Jewish community I was able to make a new small piece of home, right here, in the midst of 50,000 people. Suddenly I felt at home. - Asher Parr-Besemer, Junior from Detroit, MI

  • My very first time going to Hillel was the freshman dinner. No one knew anyone yet, but we walked to Hillel, excited to make new friends. I arrived sick, and though I had just met him minutes earlier, the Hillel Student President approached me and offered to walk me home, got me a Hillel chicken soup care package, and made sure I was okay. I missed the program, but the connection was established and now I regularly welcome others to Hillel myself. -Hayley Bemel, Junior from St. Paul, MN

In addition to this, we serve as a community resource for Jewish cultural and educational programming to students of all faith backgrounds.We also enjoy long walks on the beach and hamentashen, but not the poppyseed ones.

Don’t wait till November 15 – you can schedule your donation TODAY! (see link on the right)

Donations large & small directly help us to Secure the Jewish Future.. One Student at a Time!

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