Keeping the spirit!

Dream. . . .of becoming a professional football, basketball, baseball, or hockey player

Dream. . . .of becoming an author, a doctor, a teacher, a musician, an engineer

Dream. . . .of becoming who YOU want to BECOME!

The Hibbing High School Foundation helps make . . . . . .DREAMS COME TRUE!

Our Heritage, Our Future . . .Making Dreams Come True

A grand staircase leads to the medieval castle-like framework of the historic Hibbing High School. Our ancestors promised it would be a "Castle in the Woods" and it was to be the finest school throughout the country whereby children from all nationalities had an opportunity to come together and learn. It was a place where DREAMS CAME TRUE.The Hibbing High School Foundation is planning for the future of our children with a permanent, stable source of income through its endowment building. Nearly 100 years later, dreams continue to come true for students at Hibbing High School.

Our History

In the spring of 2001 when a group of Hibbing High School alumni and community spirited individuals pondered the fate of several extra-curricular activities, the response was to establish the Hibbing High School Arts, Athletics and Activities Foundation as part of the Hibbing Foundation's Family of Funds.

In the fall of 2004, the advisory board decided to change its name - but not its focus. The Hibbing High School Foundation remains committed to support the diverse extra-curricular activities that enhance the academic and social lives of our students.

Our Impact

Every year school districts struggle with increasing costs and less state and federal aid. The Hibbing High School Foundation has been assisting extra curricular activities through its grantmaking efforts since 2002. We have awarded more than 45 grants totaling over $40,000 that have directly impacted the student's high school experience.

Hibbing High School Foundation has helped programs to flourish in the areas of the arts, athletics, and academics. Hundreds of students have taken advantage of programs that might not otherwise exist by awarding grants like these in recent years to support:

Speech Team, Knowledge Bowl, Math Team, Art Department,Girls and Boys Basketball Teams, Girls and Boys Hockey Teams, Girls Volleyball Team, Swim Team, Ski Team, Girls and Boys Track Teams, Football Team, Figure Skating Club, Drama Club, Girls Softball Team, Cross Country Team, Wrestling Team, Boys Hoops Club and HHS Choir and Band.

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