Making your money work for Hibbing...forever.

Imagine. . . .Every adult being able to read.

Imagine . . . .Food for every hungry man, woman and child.

Imagine. . . .All children being able to see a symphony or a ballet.

Imagine. . . . Sufficient resources to make a difference!

The Hibbing Foundation allows us to IMAGINE

Our Heritage, Our Future

The Iron Range has always been known for its strong heritage representing many ethnic groups and ancestors who endured the hard work of the mining industry. It was our ancestors that helped shape and form Hibbing into this great place to live and raise a family. It’s the mission and vision of the Hibbing Foundation to continue that legacy.

About Us

Hibbing Foundation, an affiliate fund of Minnesota Community Foundation, allows people to join their charitable dollars for the common good our community. Our funds are not the result of a single person's or corporation's giving; they represent hundreds of donors and organizations that care about Hibbing.

Making a Difference

Since 1993, the Hibbing Foundation has been connecting community members, nonprofit organizations and other partners to strengthen Hibbing through charitable giving. Together with our donors, the Hibbing Foundation and its ‘Family of Funds’ have awarded more than 767 grants totaling more than $900,000 to nonprofit organizations.

Community Impact

The Hibbing Foundation has helped our community grow and prosper by awarding grants like these throughout the years:

* Books for adult literacy classes

* Band uniforms for all students in the HHS Marching Band

* Electronic messaging marquee in front of the Memorial Arena

* Performances by the New York Theatre Ballet and Garrison Keillor

* Historic preservation of statues, photos, and documents

* Fighting hunger by providing food to make over 19,000 meals

By making a gift today, you help ensure the future of the Hibbing Foundation. Your gift may be used toward Hibbing Foundation sponsored projects, initiatives, grants or operating expenses.

Imagine the difference we can make together for generations to come!

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