Through scholarships the Foundation supports HCC students in their quest to further their education & secure a better future.

Hibbing Community College Foundation is a charitable, non-profit corporation dedicated to raising funds for Hibbing Community College. We partner with donors to support and strengthen the College’s role in serving the educational needs of the community.

Many lives are touched by the efforts of the Foundation's board members – all of whom are volunteers. The spirit and generosity of our many donors makes it possible for the Foundation to continually serve the students who are working hard as they travel their pathways to the future.

By awarding scholarships, we @Hibbing Community College Foundation do much to help students pursue higher education. We give over $30,000 a year to deserving young men & women. Give to the Max Day this year is November 14, 2013. You can schedule a donation for that date beginning Friday, November 1. Please visit our page to donate.

The Power of Scholarships

Over the years, hundreds of students who juggled life, family, jobs and college have benefited from Foundation scholarships. At the annual Fundraiser event in April 2013, three scholarship recipients took the podium to thank all who give to the Foundation and support scholarships.

* Dr. Nick Ongaro, a young chiropractor who recently returned to Hibbing to set up his practice, received the Ed Palcich Scholarship award when he was a student at HCC. Dr. Ongaro told those gathered, "It's great to be home. It is an honor to talk to people who give. Because of people like you, people like me can return to the community."

* Rachael Shiek, a 2009 graduate of the law enforcement program, moved from California to Hibbing to attend HCC. To pay for college and her apartment and furnishings, Rachael used her credit card, which she admits was dangerous, but the reality for so many students Rachael worked three jobs while attending the rigorous law enforcement program. Luckily, Rachael received a scholarship her second year at HCC, and this enabled her to have money to travel to job interviews and pay down her debt. At the scholarship dinner, Rachael expressed her appreciation to complete strangers who believed in her and helped her accomplish her dreams. Rachael is currently working as a law enforcement officer with the Hibbing Police Department.

* Emily Lange, a sophomore at HCC, is working three jobs while carrying an overload of 19 credits and playing on the HCC volleyball team. Emily says, "Although I have all of these commitments, I put my schoolwork first in order to keep my grade point average at 3.6." When Emily enrolled at HCC, she set a goal for herself that she would graduate with an Associate's Degree in three semesters, and through hard work and dedication, Emily is proud to say she will accomplish that goal. She plants to Attend Minnesota State University-Mankato and major in Mass Media with a minor in Human Resources. Emily's scholarship has made it possible for her to attend HCC with reduced student debt.

The Hibbing College Foundation sincerely thanks all of our wonderful donors who do so much to assist students in achieving their educational goals. For more information about giving to the Hibbing College Foundation, please contact Susan Degnan at or 218-262-6710.

Roy Carlson, a retired Cobb Cook Elementary School teacher, recently donated enough money so that two students per year for the next 15 years will each receive a $3000 scholarship.

Kotonias Dental Scholarship - “Since I was seven years old I have aspired to become a dentist. To me, it is the perfect job. Being able to help the community with assessing and treating their oral health conditions, along with developing a friendly, trustworthy doctor-patient relationship is tremendously admirable. The scholarship has not only helped me financially, but it has further inspired me to pursue a career in dentistry. As a dentist, I plan to return to my hometown of Hibbing and practice dentistry.”

-A. Aldrich

Mark Rostvold Scholarship - Formerly of Nashwauk, Minn., Mark Rostvold was an alum of Hibbing Junior College, a Navy veteran and an educator. “Hibbing Junior College [as it was known then] offered great opportunities to us,” his sister Marjorie Rostvold Filippi wrote in a letter to HCC. I feel Mark would be pleased to be a part of Hibbing Community College’s scholarship awards.”

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