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Welcome! In honor of our upcoming nuptials on August 7th, Kyle and I ask that our guests consider a donation to Helping Paws of Minnesota in lieu of gifts. As most of our family and friends know, we have a fabulous little guy at home, who, despite the occasional $1,500 vet bill, brings a great deal of joy to our lives. Our hope is to help an individual with a physical disability share in the same joy. Helping Paws reflects our passion for animals and our commitment to helping the community. Based in Hopkins, Helping Paws has been breeding and training service dogs for over 20 years. Kyle and I had a chance to meet with staff and observe a service dog training class this spring, and were quite impressed with the facilities, volunteers, and dogs. Helping Paws has its own breeding program, which ensures that puppies have the qualities needed to be successful service dogs. Puppies spend their first two years in a foster home where they learn to open doors, lead wheelchairs, turn on and off light switches, and retrieve fallen objects. In short, it’s pretty amazing what these dogs can do, and the whole experience nearly had me in tears! All of this training, talent, and hard work pay off when foster dogs are placed into new homes with individuals in need of assistance. Service dogs make it possible for individuals with disabilities to manage daily tasks that the rest of us often take for granted. Kyle and I have committed to a service dog sponsorship, and ask that you consider supporting our efforts. Helping Paws is expecting a litter of puppies this winter, and a sponsorship will provide for one dog's training, care, and placement into a new home. Many thanks for your consideration and we’ll see you on August 7th! Kyle & Kirsten

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