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On 21 December, a concert broadcast live over the entire Minnesota Public Radio network from the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis will introduce H.E.A.R. Projects to the world!

Three major works will be performed on this unique concert/broadcast: 1) Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time - written and premiered in 1941 while the composer was interned at the Görlitz concentration camp, this is universally recognized as one of the greatest works of the classical music literature; 2) Stephen Paulus’ Trio, commissioned for the Mitali Trio, and on this concert/broadcast receiving its world premiere performance; and 3) Fred Sturm’s Terra Madre, originally written for Bobby McFerrin, and here being heard live on the radio in an arrangement by saxophonist David Milne for jazz quartet and string quartet.


H.E.A.R. Projects streamlines the process of making a recording by providing the artist access to any and all services required to complete the project. There are no additional or hidden costs the artist will discover as may be the case in commercial recording where renting the studio is just the beginning of the investment. Additionally, the project is produced with the same H.E.A.R. Projects staff from the beginning to the end, allowing for a consistency of vision. The expertise of the staff allows the musician to focus on the music, rather than worry about everything else.

As a non-profit, H.E.A.R. Projects is also able to offset a portion of project costs through fundraising in support of our mission, which in turn supports musicians in the classical music community. H.E.A.R. Projects is committed to working with three to six projects annually but no more. Our model for growth is to further the careers of classical musicians with a thoughtful approach to the process, not to churn out endless CDs strictly for our own profit. By focusing on a niche within the industry, H.E.A.R. Projects is able to specialize as an industry leader and will capitalize on the quality of the work it produces.

H.E.A.R. Projects - Helping Empower Artists Recordings - is a newly established organization conceived to provide career-advancing resources to chamber and classical musicians. Built on the professional experience of the founders and coupled with their shared desire to support the classical music community, H.E.A.R. Projects offers audio production and support services to independent artists.

H.E.A.R. Projects is an artist led co-operative recording venture formed to discover new ways to produce, market, and promote chamber music through innovative use of recordings, media and networking.

H.E.A.R. Projects is dedicated to empowering musicians, ensembles, and composers by enabling them to create dynamic audio/visual recordings suitable for commercial release.

H.E.A.R. Projects provides exceptional artists access Studio204, an urban architectural gem specifically created to record chamber music, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

H.E.A.R. Projects was founded in 2011 by William Eddins (Music Director of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra), Jennifer Gerth (Principal Clarinet of the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra), Don Sipe (President, Omicron Artists Management), and Preston Smith (4 time Grammy Award winning engineer).

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