The Happy Hound's Tooth Ticklers are homemade treats for your canine companion! All proceeds are donated to Helping Paws of Minnesota, Inc.

I've decided to put two of my passions towards a good cause; I love dogs and I love baking! So I created The Happy Hound's Tooth Ticklers; homemade treats for your canine companion. Made with NO preservatives, NO fillers, and ALWAYS fresh! I will be selling my treats at various farmers markets in the summer and separate venues throughout the year, while donating all of my profits to Helping Paws of Minnesota, Inc.

My plan is to set various goals along the way as I reach them with my donations. My current goal is to raise $1,355 to sponsor the training of the service dog Kaia.

Treats for sale:

-Munchy Crunchy Meat Treats

-Peanut Butter Pinwheels

-Super Salmon Stars

-Cheesy Canine Cookies

-Veggie Vittles

If you would like to purchase treats to support my fundraiser, contact me at:; or like The Happy Hounds Tooth Ticklers on facebook for more information on my treats and to place an order.

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