We provide quality health care, advocacy and wellness education to people in the community who have limited healthcare alternatives.

Thank you for your donation. Your generosity will have a positive impact on the quality of life for a fellow community member.

HealthFinders Collaborative envisions everyone in our community having access to the health care they need. Since 2005, HFC has been providing quality health care, advocacy and wellness education to the underserved. Working closely with community partners, as well as over 60 dedicated volunteers, HFC is a critical safety net and gap-filler for those left behind by the health care system.

Please read the stories below of how your support can help.

A patient stated, “I always had insurance...recently I lost my job and decided to go to nursing school. Now, I do not qualify for any state healthcare programs and am a great risk for I am an insulin dependent diabetic. HealthFinders has been my saving grace and I am in debt to their services. I’m so grateful for being a part of their diabetes program, medication assistance program and the opportunity to get all of my necessary laboratory work-up. By supporting HealthFinders you are supporting ME and all the other patients here at the clinic. As a thankful patient, I hope to one day give back by volunteering as a nurse once I graduate with my degree.”

A mother of three children came into the clinic because her daughters were all very ill with high fevers, cough and fatigue, and stated, “Thank you very much for making this free clinic idea a reality. I have always had medical insurance and just recently my husband got laid off and we fell into a financial hardship. I can’t afford three emergency room medical bills and I can’t give you much of a donation. But the little I can, I hope will grow into hundreds so that you may continue this great effort. [Patient in tears and speaking to the provider] Thank you for your donated time away from your own family. It is priceless and much appreciated. Thanks."

A diabetic patient once told the Program Coordinator, “I am so grateful to live in a community where there are resources such as HealthFinders. My diabetes was out of control and I always feared that I would end up in the hospital, die and my children would be left alone. Thank you so much for your help and although I do not have the financial resources to reimburse you for all your services, I pray and thank God that He has brought your organization into my life. Thank you.”

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