Headwaters has the community's back. Let's show our solidarity by funding them to a whole new level.

Headwaters is as legit as it gets.

We have an opportunity here to support justice work throughout our beloved Twin Cities and state of Minnesota. Sound good? Word.

$10,000 in two weeks? We got this.

Please help us reach 10K by:

1) Making a donation

2) Sharing the video & this link: bit.ly/SOLIDARITYwHEADWATERS

Check out www.headwatersfoundation.org for more info on Headwaters and the amazing work they fund in Minnesota.


Background on this project:Thank you for supporting this campaign. I (Erick) spent the last 9 months participating in the Social Justice Leadership Institute with Headwaters, which consisted of learning more about justice issues and raising money to support Headwaters grantees. This video is an effort to introduce Headwaters to anyone in my world that hasn't heard of them, and support existing movements for justice throughout Minnesota.

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