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Our Vision: For Haiti to Become a Developed Country: clean water, proper sanitation, adequate food, medical care, and opportunities for all.

Our initiative for Give-to-the Max Day is One Community - One Well - One Day. We intend to raise enough money for at least one community well, and hopefully more. The community we have selected to feature for this event is "Baran". This is a community of 310 people in the Centrale Departement. The nearest water source is a stream called "Ti Bran Nef", about 2 miles away from this community. That means mostly women and children walk this far, every day, carrying 40 lb. buckets of contaminated water from the stream to their homes, just to have their daily water needs met. The average family has 5 people, so you can imagine how far 5 gallons of water can go. It means that doing this multiple times a day is necessary, each and every day.

Help us to forever change the lives of the people in this community! With the funds raised for this community well, we will spend months training a local water management committee to make sure that they are able to maintain the well after it is drilled. In addition, we will do the drilling, build a protective concrete block housing around it, and provide 2 years of inspections to make sure it is being properly maintained.

Our goal is $15,000 for a new well for Baran and we have a $5,000 matching grant. If we can raise $10,000 more, we can provide this community with community managed clean water for the next 10 - 20 years! Donate today!

Since 1997, Haiti Outreach has helped transform hundreds of communities in Haiti by working on the ground to create community managed clean water wells and systems that are sustained by community members we have trained. Based in Pignon, Haiti with an administrative and fundriaising office in Minnesota, Haiti Outreach currently employs 40 people in Pignon, all but one of which are Haitian, and 2 people in Minnesota.

We have also built 5 public school buildings to date, so that poor students have the chance for an education. Because of our commitment to sustainable development, this also strengthens the public education system, as these schools are run and maintained by the citizens and Ministry of Education in Haiti, not by us.

We are a unique organization, in that our purpose is to provide long term sustainable development and not relief.

Haiti Outreach’s mission is to collaborate with the people of Haiti to build and maintain community-initiated projects that advance the development of the country.

Haiti Outreach’s work is distinguished by the following:

  • We collaborate with the people of Haiti. We work with neighbors, community groups, local government and the national government in rural Haiti and populated areas.
  • We work for months training a local community group to maintain infrastructure projects that we help to build. A crucial aspect of our projects is that they are created to be sustainable on a long term basis by the Haitians themselves and not us.
  • Our projects are community-initiated. The community comes to us with a written letter requesting our assistance. Community participation and responsibility continues through the entire life of the project, and beyond.

For more information about Haiti Outreach, visit our website www.haitioutreach.org. Look for our "Adopt-a-Well" program where you or your group can raise funds to provide a rural community with clean water managed by the community itself!

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