Biking 500 miles to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity in support of affordable housing in Minnesota.

Every decade or so I come back and touch base with Habitat for Humanity and the Habitat 500. I first rode the Habitat 500 in 1997, then returned for three rides in 2002-2004. I'm excited to return this year for a route that takes me to or near some of my biking and building touchstones.

This year's route runs through Goodhue County, Minnesota, where I logged many of my early biking miles on the trails and roads around Pine Island and on longer tours up, down, and across the Mississippi River valley near Red Wing. Later in this year's route, we ride near (alas, not through) Saint Peter, from which in my Gustavus days I had the pleasure to depart on three Spring Break work trips with Habitat, building homes in Omaha, Coahoma Mississippi, and the hills of West Virginia.

This year, in appreciation of all those old biking miles, I'll be committing 30% of the funds I help raise to the Goodhue County Habitat for Humanity affiliate. The remaining portion goes to Twin Cities Habitat.

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