Donations go to a worthy cause to further the research and recovery of people with brain injuries.

As all you may know already, Our mom was in a car accident on evening of Thursday October 21. When a squad car driven by a deputy from St. Criox County lost control of his vehicle and struck into my mom's car.
She was taken to Regions hospitol in St. Paul, Minnesota. She was placed in the Emergency Care Unit. Since then she has been sedated and has undergone many testing procedures to deetermine the severity of her injuries.
Doctor's and nurses are working around the clock to stabilze her. We have faith that progress is being made to her condition and we hope over time that she will make a full recovery.
Right now we are thankful for all of the support from our family, friends, and countless people my mom has touched and impacted over the years.
As we love the support and are gratefull for the endless requests to come visit and be here by our side, The battle to regain her health has a long road ahead. We just continue to ask for your prayers as we continue with her journey to recovery. Our mom is now at home and is working intensely on her recovery through courage center. She is determined to hopefully reach her goal of a full recovery.

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