The Grow a Farmer micro-loan fund finances start-up costs for training graduates raising their first flocks of free-range poultry.

When you contribute to the Grow a Farmer fund, you're supporting local food and new local farmers!

The Grow a Farmer fund is a resource for farmers with very low family incomes who don't qualify for conventional financing.

Here's how it works:

  1. Aspiring farmers learn about free-range poultry production and business planning through Main Street Project's Agripreneur Training Program;
  2. They use Grow a Farmer loans for supplies (chicks and feed) to raise flocks of free-range chickens at year-round farm incubator sites. Each flock is 500 - 1,500 chickens.
  3. Farmers pay back their loans after selling their healthy, humanely-raised, and tasty chickens.
  4. The Grow a Farmer fund makes more loans!

Jose graduated from one of the agripreneur training class and shared this thought: "What I need is financial support. . . I like working, but I don't have enough resources -- the means to start a business like this." Another training graduate, Jaime, is looking ahead: "I see myself taking good food to the tables of many families. I think with your help I will be able to achieve my goal."

You have the opportunity to help farmers like Jose and Jaime succeed -- not through handouts, but through small loans that make it possible for them to begin. You have the opportunity to be part of a creative, sustainable solution!

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